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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Third Party Presidential Candidates

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I have said before that I am a libertarian. This is true, and is part of why I am fed up with the government today. But, at the same time, I recognize that many people who are not libertarians are also frustrated with the mainstream politicians and are looking for another option in 2012. Which is why over the next few months, I will be analyzing and discussing various third-party candidates for President. Some have already accepted their party's nomination. Others will be known at a later date. I will be contacting all candidates with ballot access, asking them to summarize their mission and answer a few specific questions I have concerning their issues. (It will vary by party). I will post whatever responses I receive on this blog. I will also post any candidates who I contact right when I contact them, so we have some idea who is responding and who is too chicken. I will update this post shortly listing who I will now contact.

Updates 5:19 PM:

I just shot off an email to Stewart Alexander of Socialist Party USA asking him for comments... I also contacted the Party for Socialism and Liberation asking how to get in touch with Peta Lindsay directly. When I do, I will tell you... Jack Fellure of the Prohibition Party does not have an email listed on the website (which given what he says, doesn't surprise me too much) but he does have a PO Box. When I get back to school next month, I'll mail him from my address there. That ensures his response gets to me at the right place... There won't likely be many additional third party nominees in the next few months. The Constitution Party is having its convention on April 18-21 in Nashville, and will nominate its candidate at that time. The Libertarian Party will do the same thing May 4-6 in Las Vegas. Americans Elect will nominate a candidate over the internet in June 2012. The Green Party wraps up the third parties that I could find when it nominates a candidate in Baltimore July 13-15. Rest assured though, I'll try to find more third party or independent candidates out there though.

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