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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Libertarian Candidates in Connecticut

Dissatisfied with the status quo in Connnecticut? Tired of the Democrats and Republicans controlling everything? UConn students - are you concerned about where this country will be when you're an adult? Change has come.

In District 2 of Connecticut, there are candidates for U.S. House, Senate, and President, on the Libertarian Party who can bring real change to this country.

Paul Passarelli is running for US Senate and supports very limited government. He is a big advocate of individual liberty. He has a very realistic approach to running for office. Unlike other politicians, he does not deliver promises he cannot keep. He will support only a balanced budget. Does this mean an unbalanced budget won't pass? Of course not. He's not delusional. But he won't vote for it. He'll promise that.

Dan Reale is running for House in District 2, home of UConn and Eastern Connecticut State. He promises the "Reale Deal" in Washington. He recognizes that the economy and spending cuts are the real issue. To that end, he would implement healthcare reform, support a balanced budget, and drastically cut military spending. He too is exactly what this country needs. Without politicians like him, we'll be broke and doomed.

Finally, Gary Johnson is running for President. He will be on the ballot in at least 48 states. He can win this thing - he's the first third party candidate with executive experience since George Wallace. A former governor of New Mexico, Johnson has promised to submit a balanced budget to Congress his first year. Like Passarelli, he's not delusional enough to think they'll pass it, so he won't promise that. He would bring all the troops home and not get us into a war with Iran. He would end the War on Drugs, reducing our prison population and our spending. He's the President we need.


And if you came here looking for Paul Fornica's House campaign site, learn how to spell your candidate's name. And don't think I'll tell you either. 

Ok, I'll be nice. It's Paul Formica. Click on his name to visit Paul Fornica's website, Fornica2012.com

I'm clever, right?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daily Campus Article Roundup

For those who missed them, here is a roundup of my Daily Campus articles since school began. For legal reasons, I cannot post the full articles here, but I can post links and short summaries

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Legalized Marijuana Supporters Deserve a Better Reputation: Why people are wrong to assume all pro-legalization advocates are "potheads", and why it matters. (August 29)

Libertarian Ideas Growing Strong in American Political Culture: Why libertarianism is no longer so strange. (September 4th)