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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summary of Daily Campus Articles

Sorry that I've been delinquent with this blog. Here is a summary  of my Daily Campus articles from this year. For copyright reasons, I can only post a link and a short description. I'll post new articles to this blog soon.

Presidential Debate Structure Should be Altered: Include all candidates in debates. The "Gary Johnson rule" is detrimental to liberty. (March 18)

Voting for a Third Party Candidate not a Wasted Vote: Whether it's Gary Johnson, the Green Party, or any other third party, your vote is not wasted as long as you vote for someone who you truly support. (March 26)

Defining Marriage Outside the Realm of Government: The government has no legitimate reason to define "marriage". (March 28)

No Motive for Shooting Unarmed Man is Appropriate: George Zimmerman's motive for shooting Trayvon Martin was bad, but no worse than any other motive. (April 6)

US Should Adopt FairTax as Lesser of Several Evils: No tax is good, but FairTax is best. (April 16)