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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Johnson Switches to LP, I switch to RP

Note: Unlike the preceding articles I wrote about third party candidates, this IS an endorsement and should be taken as my personal opinion. It was written by me, not by the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson campaigns. 

Gary Johnson has dropped out of the
Republican race and will seek the nomination
of the Libertarian Party. As of now, I'm supporting
Paul, but things could change. 
So, by now many of you have heard the news that Gary Johnson (who I endorsed) plans to drop out of the GOP race and seek the Libertarian Party nomination. Then again, nobody on TV mentioned it, so maybe you didn't. But anyway, I mentioned that I liked Ron Paul as a candidate but thought Johnson would be better. So, this change, combined with Paul's recent surge in the polls, has caused me to consider a few questions.

1) Should I stick with Johnson and support him for the LP nomination, or should I ignore it at this point?
2) Should I support Paul for the GOP nomination, or should I ignore it at this point?
3) Can I do both #1 and #2, or is that hypocritical?
4) If both Johnson and Paul win their party nominations, what do I do?

I will now state what I think of each. With regards to number 1, I want Johnson to get the LP nomination, and will support him. But, I don't want him running against Paul since that will hurt both of them. I'd rather the LP run nobody against Paul, but if they do run somebody, I'd like it to be Gary. If it's Paul-Johnson-Obama, I don't know what I'll do, but I don't see that happening.

As for Ron Paul and the GOP, I do support him for the nomination. I feel he represents liberty, and as I said, he was the second-best after Johnson. On that note, being smart and actually researching these "racist" allegations, I am not disturbed by them at all. Yes, not reading what was ghost-written in his name was a stupid thing for Ron Paul to do was dumb, and yes, it was morally wrong, but it was 20 years ago. Paul has disavowed the racist writings. Plus, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are his heroes. He supports liberty for everybody, white and black. That is not racism.

But back to Gary Johnson. If Ron Paul ultimately does not get the Republican nomination, then I definitely would like to see Gary Johnson be nominated by the Libertarian Party. Since I'm not a delegate, to the Party Convention, I can just advocate for him and hope he gets nominated, but if he does, then I can start to do more. I just hope the GOP nomination has been decided one way or the other by May 6th. Otherwise, we may have a doomsday scenario where the LP nominates nobody and Paul loses, or nominates Johnson and Paul wins the GOP primaries. That would be crazy.

Could Ventura be the LP nominee?
I hope not. And it's unlikely. 
In any case, there are 12 days until the Iowa caucuses and 19 days until New Hampshire Primaries. Let's hope for the best with Ron Paul. If he wins Iowa, he could afford to come in a close second in New Hampshire and his campaign would strongly benefit. But if he finishes towards the bottom in Iowa, we're in trouble and may have to turn to the LP. Of course, Paul could seek that nomination if he fails the GOP, and then things really get interesting. The LP's top choice is apparently Jesse Ventura, but he doesn't appear to want the job. That's good, IMO, since he doesn't represent represent limited government enough.  Ron Paul is their second, and after that it's wide open. Let's hope for the best.

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