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Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Orwellian Nightmare: Obama Signs Defense Authorization Act on Bill of Rights Day

As some of you hopefully know, last Thursday was Bill of Rights Day. It was on December 15th, 1791 that the Bill of Rights was ratified by the 13 states. Americans were guaranteed freedoms such as speech as well as the right to be free from unjust searches and seizures. This document is one of the most fundamental sources in ensuring our freedoms today.

The Bill of Rights is short, but very
important. Keep our  freedoms!
However, :President Obama is seeking to take those freedoms away from us. On Thursday, he signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This bill would allow anyone "suspected" of terrorism to be detained indefinitely. Even American citizens.

That's right - if a Congressman tweets his girlfriend that he's flying to her town and has "a special surprise" in his pants, they can say he's planning to recreate the Underwear Bomber. Or, more realistically, they can have any American citizen declared a terrorist just for what they put on Twitter, Facebook, or their blog. If I say "I think it's ridiculous that we can't bring bottled water onto airplanes. What could a terrorist do with bottled water? Pour it on the pilot and damage the equipment?" they could say I'm planning a terror attack using bottled water and airplanes and lock me up indefinitely. In other words, I'd be stuck in some top-secret facility forever. All because I spoke out against bottled water policies on airplanes. And even though the right for me to post something like that is clearly protected by the First Amendment. And even though indefinite detentions are clearly Unconstitutional. Remember the Bill of Rights? It's going down the toilet.
It's getting really
close to Orwellian here.

You have to wonder what the government will think of next. Will we have Orwell-style Thought Police making sure we can't possibly dissent against the government? Will they outlaw all protests against the goverrnment? Will Congress give themselves the power to shut down Youtube on a whim? Oh wait, the last one might happen soon.

In any case, these Constitutional Violations must stop. The American government must be restrained by its Constitutional limits. NDAA must be declared Unconstitutional, and SOPA must not be passed. Instead of worrying about whether politicians have violated their wedding vows and been unfaithful to their wives, worry about whether they have broken their oaths of office and been unfaithful to the Constitution. Most have been.

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