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Monday, October 15, 2012

Third Annual Top 10 Political Halloween Costumes - 2012 Edition

We did this in 2010 on Facebook and 2011 on this blog. Back by popular demand, here is the 2012 edition of TOP 10 POLITICAL HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!!

10. Federal Candy Reserve - When the candy supply runs low, just print more. Continue indefinitely until bankruptcy.

9. Rick Perry - When the lady says trick-or-treaters get three pieces of candy, he asks for "a Hershey's, a Kit-Kat, and ... oops"

8. Mainstream candy media - Conveniently ignore "third-species" candidates for Gummy President. Claim that the only candidates are the bears and the worms. Au contraire! Sweet Emotions Candy in Storrs has a plethora of other candidates on the ballot, including the Spiders, the Octupi, the Fish, the Scotty Dogs, the Pigs, the Army Men, the Starfish, the Frogs, the Dinosaurs, the Pandas, the Whales, the Lobsters, the Alligators, the Centipedes, the Sandsharks, the Geckos, and the Clownfish. They're like the Colorado of Gummies!

7. Libertarian Party - give out a terrificly awesome candy that nobody has ever heard of. When nobody comes to your house because they don't know who you are, get revenge by eating all the terrificly awesome candy yourself. (Yes, this is similar to one of last year's entries. So sue me)

6. Mitt Romney - "My favorite candy is Hershey's." two minutes later "My favorite candy is Kit-Kats. I hate Hershey's and have never liked their products."

5. Fox News - "The White House is giving out Kenyan candy to trick-or-treaters!!!!!!"

4. MSNBC - "Production of the candy the White House is giving to trick-or-treaters has been outsourced to China! We must provide massive tax incentives to candy companies to keep jobs in this country so hard-working Americans can have jobs. We should also ignore the other industries, because candy is most important."

3. Candy Corn Subsidies - Pay people not to buy candy corn to give out to trick-or-treaters.

2. Joe Biden - "Halloween is a load of Mularkey. I don't know why anyone celebrates it.... Hahahahahaha"

1. The scariest Halloween Costume of all ... PRESIDENT OBAMNEY!!!!!!

Avoid PRESIDENT OBAMNEY. Vote Gary Johnson for President and Jim Gray for Vice President.

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