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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Ron Paul is finished and I support Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is
running for president.
Here is why to vote
for him. 
Previously on this blog, I mentioned I supported Gary Johnson for the Republican nomination. Then, Johnson switched to the Libertarian Party and I said I would support Ron Paul for the nomination. But now, Ron Paul is pretty much finished, realistically speaking. He has said he will not seek a third party nomination. So, realistically speaking, I've got to turn to a third party. Johnson is currently polling at over 70% among Libertarians, and it seems likely he will get the nomination at the Convention the first weekend in May. If not, I will figure it out from there.

But why do I support Gary Johnson? There are several reasons. First, Johnson will significantly reduce government spending. He will pass a balanced budget in his first year, and eliminate wasteful government spending and pork. No other candidate besides Dr. Paul is willing to do that. Our country is on the brink of financial disaster, so much so that even Ben Bernanke admits it. We need to reduce spending, and we need to do it now.

Second of all, Gary Johnson will end useless wars. So long, War in Afghanistan. So long, Libyan war. Good-bye, War on Drugs. All in all, the defense budget will be cut 42% under Gary Johnson. Meanwhile, Obama finally ended the War in Iraq two and a half years after he said he would, and only after starting wars in Libya and Somalia. Romney/Gingrich won't cut military either. We shouldn't be the world's policeman.

The Libertarian Party
is fiscally conservative
and socially liberal. They
advocate small-government
libertarianism. It's a good idea.
Third, Johnson will protect out liberties. He opposes PIPA, SOPA, and ACTA, and would work to get those bills overturned if they pass under Obama. If they don't, Johnson will ensure they don't pass under his watch. Johnson (unlike Paul) also supports nationwide gay marriage. While I don't think the government should be involved in marriage at all, legalizing gay marriage is a good start. He also opposes all forms of censorship as well as the indefinite detentions authorized under NDAA. It's scary what Obama is doing and what Bush did to our civil liberties. Reverse the loss.

Gary Johnson is a "classic liberal". Back in the day, these people were just called "liberals", but now we sometimes call them "libertarians". He opposes most forms of government intervention, except in cases of force or fraud by one person against another. He would downsize government and keep it out of our personal lives. We would stay out of other countries and balance the budget. So why has nobody heard of him? I'll let that sink in for a while and answer it later.

One more thing.... Go Giants


  1. Gary's hosting another online townhall Monday evening. 8pm eastern, 5 pacific. www.GaryJohnson2012.com

    1. Thanks, Derek. I already knew that but if any other readers want to, go ahead.