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Friday, November 18, 2011

Second Letter Today: The Paperback Trader Will be Missed (Daily Campus)

A shot of The Paperback Trader from outside.
It is in the center of the frame, to the righht of the Florist.
Too bad it will soon be closing.
In addition to my last post, I had another Letter to the Editor published today, in the Daily Campus. Note that for the original article which I reference, please see here. You can also view my letter online here or see a PDF of the print version here though you can't print it from there.

Like Jesse Rifkin, I am deeply saddened by the closing of The Paperback Trader. Although I have only had a chance to go there once, I found it to be a perfect atmosphere, quiet and friendly. It is the oldest store in the complex, and I feel sad that it is going to be demolished in the name of "progress." As the song goes "pave paradise, put up a parking lot." Of course, we will still have the Co-op to buy books, but that just isn't the same. The Campus Bookstore is noisy and busy, while Paperback Trader was very relaxed and easy-going. It's too bad it's being forced to close. I encourage everybody to visit it at least once before it does so, just to get a feel of what an independent bookstore really feels like. The charm, atmosphere, and friendliness The Paperback Trader has can never be matched by any chain outlet.
– Gregory Koch

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