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Monday, November 14, 2011

Me asking Gary Johnson a Question at Online Town Hall

Gary Johsnon
On November 2nd, Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson held an "Online Town Hall" where he answered questions from supporters in an unmoderated discussion. I was fortunate enough to be one of those supporters. You can view the video here or read a transcript below (some editing was done for clarity):

Gary Johnson: Gregory, you're up.
Me: My question is, I know many of my friends who are college age kids don't care about politics because they don't feel that any politician really represents them. So as the leader of America now, what will you do for my generation, who is supposed to be the future leaders.
Gary: Well Gregory I think, and this was also as Governor of New Mexico, I'll tell you I saw political favors, I'm talking Payolla here, it was Republicans and Democrats both. Make a contribution to my campaign and I'm going to give you special favors. [They say] "I'm going to grant loopholes, whether you're an individual a group, or a corporation - look, I'm kind of for sale." Well as Governor of New Mexico, nothing was for sale, the whole notion was to create a level playing field where all of us had access to the American Dream. And the American Dream is, if you're willing to work hard and be honest, there isn't anything you can't achieve. I think what's really important for young people right now to understand, not that they don't and not that you don't, is that we are going to be left with nothing if we don't fix the fact that we're borrowing money at a rate of 43 cents per dollar we're spending. Money is going to be worth nothing and that is not a good scene. If you look at Russia after the monetary collapse, they are never going to recover in our lifetimes from that. That's what we're looking at unless we fix it. Your generation is not responsible for this but mine is and the irony behind all this is that this is imminintley fixable but it's got to be fixed and it's got to be fixed now.
Me: Thank you [microphone doesn't pick this up for some reason, but eventually GJ moves on to the next question].

I am pleased with Gary's response. The fiscal issues need to be addressed, and as much as I'd like to see him connect with my generation, special interests are just as bad when they involve me as when they don't. And most of his supporters seem to be young anyway, judging by who came out for the town hall. (Ron Paul has this phenomenon too). There will be several more of these meetings due to their success, and I am looking forward to them. Until then...

Gary Johnson  2012

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